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Today at Iguana Sell we are travelling to Paris, the city of fashion, emblematic architecture art and above all lights!

We are excited to present an exquisite Special Edition collection by Waterman titled  Ombres & Lumières, ( Shadow & light) inspired by the Parisian nights with all its flair and beauty.

We understand that when it comes to fashion the Ombres is a very much in Vogue element and style at the moment, therefore Waterman is on to this trend  by creating a collection that is truly elegant in its final staging and also practical in its everyday use.


Caréne Ombres et Lumières
Fountain Pen CT

Caréne Ombres et Lumières
Rollerball Pen CT

Caréne Ombres et Lumières Ballpoint Pen CT

As we have mentioned in a previous entry the Caréne Line rides the crest of the innovation wave. Taking inspiration from luxury boat design, the result is a distinguished example of ground-breaking revelation. Crafted in noble materials, with an artist’s attention to detail, its pure fluid curves invoke the sleekest lines of a leisure cruiser, or the fluttering sails of a luxury yacht.


Expert Ombres et Lumières
Fountain Pen CT

Expert Ombres et Lumières
Rollerball Pen CT

Expert Ombres et Lumières Ballpoint Pen CT

 Expert brings precise Parisian styling to our daily routine. With its generous cigar-shaped silhouette and possessions of fine materials, it bring out the creative and fun self from beneath the executive presentation.


Hémisphére Ombres et Lumières
Fountain Pen CT

Hémisphére Ombres et Lumières
Rollerball Pen CT

Hémisphére Ombres et Lumières
Ballpoint Pen CT

Hémisphère Waterman innovation, it redefines timeless lines with a new focus on streamlined minimalism. Striking clean design and noble materials come together for a delightful writing experience to inspire the most creative thoughts.

Perspective Ombres & Lumiéres

Perspective Ombres et Lumières Fountain Pen CT

Perspective Ombres et Lumières
Rollerball Pen CT

Perspective Ombres et Lumières Ballpoint Pen CT

Perspective is inspired by the purity of modern architecture, its parallel lines are interminable to inspire the creative minds using it, it combines practicality with  design.

Collection details

All the pieces of this special edition collection are available in:

  • Stainless steel nib, in F & M nib sizes
  • White lacquer with black silk screen print
  • Chrome trims
  • Palladium Clip
If you need more information on Waterman Pens please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email, call us at +34 91 441 50 41, or come to visit our boutique in Madrid, at Núñez de Balboa 90. We’ll be pleased to help.

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