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At Iguana Sell we are eager to present the new Visconti writing collection, Opera Metal

Visconti Opera Metal Collection
This is the new edition of one iconic collection of Visconti, which was firstly released in 2003 and has been relaunched in a more contemporary design, due to its squared circle shape.
The squaring of the circle can be found among the oldest and more traditional problems that man has had to face in geometry.
squared circle form of Visconti Opera Metal
The circle is the symbol that represents the Sky, the cyclical movement and activity. Cyclical movement is perfect, unchangeable and unchanging, without a beginning or an end; and that is why it can represent time.
The square is the sign of the Earth, in contrast with the Sky. The square is an anti-dynamic figure, anchored on its four sides, and as such it represents the isolated individual movement, the halt.
Visconti Opera Metal Regular Collection
Visconti Opera Metal
Visconti Opera Metal
Visconti Opera Metal
The new Visconti Opera Metal collection has been made in aluminum body, with ornaments in anodized avional, reinforcing through these materials the concept of innovation and contemporary design of the line.
The new regular Opera Metal collection is available in four different models of fountain pen, with tubular nib made of stainless steel in sizes EF, F, M, B, S and BB; and rollerball.
  • OPERA METAL SILVER SHADOW: shades of grey body with plated ornaments and chrome nib
  • OPERA METAL SPEEDBOAT: grey body and cap with blue ornaments, and chrome nib
Visconti Opera Metal
Visconti Opera Metal
  • OPERA METAL MONZA: black body with red ornaments and rhodium nib.
  • OPERA METAL ROADSTER: black aluminum body and cap with green ornaments, and rhodium nib.
Pluma estilografica Visconti Opera Metal
VISCONTI Opera Metal
Visconti’s new collection is now available at Iguana Sell!
Visconti Opera Metal
Should you need more information of Visconti´s collection, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email, call us at +34 91 441 50 41, or come to visit our boutique in Madrid, at Núñez de Balboa 90. We’ll be pleased to help.

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