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Iguana Sell wants to dedicate today’s entry to one of the latest  female writing lines that is causing a stir: ST DuPont Liberté.

St Dupont liberté pens Iguana Sell
This collection was released to the public on 2010 by the French designer Dominique Tissier, who shaped the writing instruments of the collection with a thinner body and rounded finishes to provide them with a greater female touch; while keeping the elegance owned by the ST DuPont’s products. Liberté is the result of ST DuPont’s tribute to the moral values ‘Liberty, Equality and Femininity’.
The polished finishes of the details, along with the contrast in materials used, as palladium and lacquer, results in a timeless writing collection that will allow the female public to discover their most suitable fountain pen. The clip has been polished and faceted in the same manner as to a ´´diamond´´ which adds to it that immense and gorgeous sparkle.
St Dupont Liberte Fountain Pen white
As reported by indisa.com, these fountain pen are fully manufactured in the French town of Faverges. Along its production process, each of them will have undergone more than 150 stages and 200 quality control processes; which ensures a perfect result in every piece.
At first, the ST DuPont’s Liberté collection was available in two basic colors: black and white; as of now, it is also available in a wider variety as navy blue, plum, nude or burgundy. Moreover, these last two have been designed with the ornaments and decorations made in gold.
The ST DuPont’s Liberté collection is  available in a fountain pen, a rollerball and ballpoint.
ST Dupont Liberte Fountain pen White
ST Dupont Liberté rollerball nude Iguana Sell
ST Dupont Liberté Ball Point Pen Black Laquer
  • The fountain pen has a 14k gold hand-polished nib available in EF, F, M and B size.
  • The slightly arched design of the Liberté rollerball makes it more suitable and comfortable for the female hand while in the process of writing. Design beauty and comfort all in one.
  • The ballpoint of the collection incorporates the latest ST DuPont’s technology that allows the user to extract the tip with just one hand, simply with a half turn of the ballpoint’s body.
Within the ST DuPont’s Liberté collection it can be found a number of models with a smaller size, easily allowing every woman to carry their favorite writing instrument. In contrast with the 14 cm long of the regular Liberté ballpoint, the mini Liberté line is 11 cm long, making it the perfect everywhere-carry-on writing instrument.
St Dupont Liberté ballpoint pink
ST Dupont Mini Liberte ballpoint white Iguana Sell
The ST DuPont´s Mini Liberté ballpoints are also available in a series of colors  such as coral and white colours.
If you need more information on ST Dupont pens, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email, call us at +34 91 441 50 41, or come to visit our boutique in Madrid, at Núñez de Balboa 90. We’ll be pleased to help.

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