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On the occasion of the forthcoming incorporation of the Italian brand Delta in Iguana Sell, we are glad to share with you the story behind this brand.

In 1982, three Italian visionaries (Nino Marino, Ciro Matrone y Mario Muscente) established Delta S. R. L., a company for high designed writing instruments with a main goal: to recall the glamour of the ’20s and ’30s with exceptionally elegant instruments. For this, the early years were devoted to producing pieces made of precious metals, celluloid and ebonite, securing that these substances guaranteed the leadership of the company into international markets.

They fixed high standards right from the beginning, given that Delta was competing in the international market of writing instruments. An ambitious goal they have successfully achieved.

Delta is a great brand with truly outstanding products in the current market. It was, along with Stipula and Visconti, an attempt to revive the old glories of the Italian classic fountain, whose role model was the first great successes of the century and, especially, the use of materials and absolutely classical systems.

While other manufacturers launched and used pens converters, twist-filling mechanisms, or cartridges, Delta decided to reintroduce the lever-and-rubber-sac system as well as the inside rubber tank as standard charging system for their limited editions, such as its edition “Giacomo Puccini”.

Giacomo Puccini Collection
In July, 1994, as sponsor of the “G7 Summit” hold in Naples, Italy, Delta offered its G7 collection to the seven leaders (Chirac, Chrétien, Clinton, Dini, Kohl, Major y Tomiichi), a three-piece set comprised of 1994 limited items.

In September, 1998, the mayor of Venice received the limited collection VENEZIA, the official pen of the city of Venice.

G7 Collection_Delta
Venezia Collection
One of Delta’s star collections to date is the JUBILAEUM 2000, created to celebrate the 2000 Jubilee Holy, which coincided with the beginning of the 3rd millennium year. As the closest calligraphy company to the Vatican was Delta, it took the lead and was the first to create a fountain for that motive.

His models evoke great cultural moments of the history of Italy, also considered art history. Delta has successfully launched limited collections devoted to cities like Venice, or countries like Spain, as well as to historical treasures that are the heritage of many nations and contemporary traditions. It also paid tribute to important figures like Don Quixote, relevant to history, culture and art.

Despite its short history, Delta maintains a series of collections that inspire the respect and recognition of many, being the Dolce Vita collection its main protagonist.

The Dolce Vita collection has become the symbol of Delta. Descending from Colosseum, the initial collection has expanded to currently become the center of production of the Neapolitan company. The Dolce Vita collection is a complete collection of fountain pens as the classic, stantuffo, Zen, mini, soirée, medium, among others.

Dolce Vita_Delta
The Delta products display design and skills that evoke a common fascination for all that is unique.

Delta, specialized in writing instruments, Artigiani della Scrittura, continue to engage in developing renewed high quality pieces, some even become master pieces.

All pen fans should pay attention to this dynamic company, the pieces leaving their workshops do it as collectable pieces, some of them as master pieces.

Iguana Sell is committed to this great Italian brand and very soon you will discover a range of products in our store.

Please consult our website, contact us by email or phone 914415041, or visit our store in Núñez de Balboa, 90.

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