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 At Iguana Sell we are eager to present Parker´s 5TH ingenuity collection.

We consider that innovation is the key to success and flexibility in thought and attitude can truly reveal ground-breaking products.

In the last few years Parker, a well grounded and highly reputed brand, has included an imaginative solution to what is considered to be a precious style of writing instrument; the fountain pen. A writing instrument that transforms the desirable characteristics of a fountain pen and fuses the with the convenience of a roller-ball pen system, known as the 5TH technology.

The 5TH technology was produced as the next evolution of the fountain pen, ballpoint, roller-ball and mechanical pencil.The felt tip is housed in a faux metal nib and irregular plastic section noticeably comparable to a fountain pen. What makes it look slightly  different are the widely spaced tines and fibre tip sticking out from the end of the tines.

In this new creation and introduction the distinctions can be found on the nib and recharge technique.The nib on the Ingenuity seems very delicate  a felt tip cartridge refill with a flexible tip base.

The Ingenuity is all about this refill, which is known as the 5TH technology. It consists of a  cartridge that is available in 6 different colours.Inserting the 5TH technology cartridge is as easy as  installing a roller-ball pen ink cartridge.


The only difference being that the 5TH technology refill needs to fit through the front section to align with the metal tines.This wonderful technique really prevents the user from getting ink in their hands, unless of course  you handle the tip directly.

The 5TH technology is more convenient and a no-mess refill method compared to a fountain pen. This quick and innovative style speeds up the process whilst keeping the essence of the fountain pen writing style.

The irregular plastic feed interacts with the metal hood and allows some flexibility in the nib for more character and line variation with pressure changes as you write. The way it allows the writer to apply different pressures and obtain different lines and shades while writing.

At Iguana Sell we have introduced various models for our clients to enjoy.

Let´s have a look at two different lines from the various that we have available at Iguana Sell:

Rubber 5TH technology




The pens include the symbolic arrow clip and the cap has the Parker oval pierced by an arrow engraved into the metal. This oval and arrow symbol and Parker name are engraved several times around the metal band on the barrel. Parker is also engraved on the nib-like cover.

We really enjoy this innovation and the thought behind the revolutionary creation!

The 5TH technology  is now available at Iguana Sell

Check the rest of the Ingenuity collection.

If you need more information on these products, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You can send us an email, call us at +34 91 441 50 41, or come to visit our boutique in Madrid, at Núñez de Balboa 90. We’ll be pleased to help.

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