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Today´s entry is smothered in harmony, musicality, extravaganza and most importantly Opera!

Titles such as ´´Nessun Dorma” from Puccini´s Opera or  “Turandot” take us back to the great legend that was Luciano Pavaroti, he contributed so much to the world of art, that  Montblanc has decided to dedicate one of their very special 4810 Limited edition collection entirely to him. A character that has undoubtedly left an important footprint in many of our lives and that well deserves to be recognised with such a unique masterpiece.


At Iguana Sell we are extremely delighted to present the Montblanc Patron of ArtLuciano Pavarotti Limited Edition fountain pen.

Luciano Pavarotti Limited Edition

Luciano Pavarotti Limited Edition

Montblanc has surely exceed itself with this outstanding writing instrument, not only with the design, but if we consider the technical characteristics along with the aesthetics we find ourselves with a truly one of a kind piece.


We want our followers to indulge in the beauty of this piece as we have had the chance to meet at first hand all the details and intentions of each colour,line,curve and movement that it carries.

If we have a look at the main colours of the fountain pen, the most predominant colours are the white and black, and this is to make tribute to the classic tuxedo that Pavarotti use to wear in his performances.

The gold-plated clip in the shape of another trademark item from his distinctive wardrobe – one of his favourite extravagant scarf’s.We can observe how the Clip is made with smooth lines are rounded curves.

Design inspired in his Tuxedo and Scarf´s

Design inspired in his Tuxedo and Scarf´s

Crowning the fountain pen, the Montblanc emblem – a seal of the finest craftsmanship – is crafted from precious black and white resin.The five gold-plated rings that decorate the cap an homage to the theatre stands and the  five famous operas which brought Pavarotti international fame and made him one of the finest tenors of the 20th century: “Turandot”, “La Bohème”, “Rigoletto”, “Un ballo in maschera” and “L’elisir d’amore”.

Hawain inspired red Laccquer

Hawain inspired red Laccquer

The delicate yet extravagant red lacquer floral print that adorns the edge and the turquoise resin at the base of the fountain pen are reminiscent of the Hawaiian shirts Pavarotti loved to wear off stage. A type of eccentricity very much close to his Italian roots of loving all the American and adopting a certain type of style that only a man like him could get away with.

Bent nail, Pavaroti´s supertition

Bent nail, Pavarotti´s superstition

Pavarotti was also famous for his superstitions, as a true Italian he held back to many traditions that remind him of where he came from, his humble roots. Pavarotti never went on stage without his lucky charm, a bent old nail,  so the 750 solid gold nib is decorated with the bent nail that brought him luck throughout his successful career.


We really enjoy this piece and admire the hard work behind it!

It is now available in Iguana Sell

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