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Take a look at this new Platinum Maki-e Fountain Pen, which we have in stock.

The beauty of the Kanazawa-haku (gold leaf) and the traditional techniques have joined together to release a premium masterpiece, the Kanazawa-haku fountain pen “Fujin Raijin (the Wind God and the Thunder God).”

Platinum Fujin Raijin

Platinum Fujin Raijin

Usually, a gold leaf is made by beating and extending the foil to a thickness of just one ten thousandth of a millimeter. This is done by using a foil beating machine with the edges trimmed to a square. They have broken the square gold leaf again into fragments and pasted them together. They applied Momi Chirashi, a traditional technique used in a folding screen or a painting on a fusuma (Japanese sliding doors) since ancient time. By pasting these random forms of gold leaves together one by one by all hand crafted, it creates a sense of depth giving an elegant glow to the one-of-a-kind body.

Platinum Fujin Raijin

Platinum Fujin Raijin

Platinum Fujin Raijin

They have added Fujin Raijin-zu, a representative design of Japan as well as a masterpiece of Rinpa, on its Kanazawa-haku body using a remarkable hiramakie technique, bringing together the tradition and the elegance in the fountain pen. It also applies the complete airtightness “Slip & Seal Mechanism” of the popular “#3776 Century” series that prevents ink from drying out in the pen, therefore allowing those who only use the pen once or twice a year writing with fresh new ink.

By applying the traditional technique developed in the history, the fountain pen has an elegant finishing reminiscent of a painting of a folding screen.


Platinum Fujin Raijin

Platinum Fujin Raijin

Platinum Fujin Raijin



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