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The foreign minister of the Weimar Republic, Gustav Stresemann (1879- 1929), was honored with the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1926: Together with his French colleague Aristide Briand, he was acknowleged for his reconciliatory work between the nations after World War I. Besides his impressive political career, Stresemann also became famous for the creation of a new kind of suit that was still sufficiently formal for official presentations and yet comfortable enough for his work at the office. Stresemann liked to wear suits with thin stripes, and, as life sometimes goes, a legend developed … and suddenly, people called the striped fountain pens from Pelikan — that were just then starting their global tour of success around the world — by the name of „Stresemann“.


Pelikan M805 Stresemann Fountain Pen

Both the suits and the pens still carry that name to this day. To officially acknowledge and honor this legend, Pelikan has now named the latest addition to the standard collection, the Souverän with elegant stripes in anthracite, the „Stresemann“.

The barrel with the deceptively simple anthracite stripes is made of cellulose acetate, using a taditional process that‘s extremely work-intensive. For the black, finely turned pieces, high-quality resin was used. The clip and the rings are plated with palladium. The nib is made of 18 carat gold and then completely rhodinized to obtain a silver sheen. Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.


Pelikan R805 Stresemann Rollerball Pen


Pelikan K805 Stresemann Ballpoint Pen


Contact us to info@iguanasell.com to pre-order yours!


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  1. Pre-ordered from Iguana Sell. Looking forward to it!

  2. Reblogged this on Pens and Sensibility and commented:
    My first acquisition for 2015: Pelikan M805 Stresemann. I preordered one as soon as it was announced 😀

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