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Let me present the New Omas Michelangelo Fountain Pen.

This tribute to Art and to Italian genius, 450 years after his death and on the eve of 540 years since his birth, thanks to a rhyme that Michelangelo himself left us.


Omas Michelangelo Fountain Pen
The project related to Michelangelo Anniversary immediately convinced OMAS of the need to create something special, something unique, something that had never been done at Omas before. For this reason they have welcomed the collaboration with the “Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore” in Florence, which has driven them to the significant places that tell the story of Michelangelo and has described the man and the Artist. To the “Opera” and his President they address their gratitude, and they are now pleased to support the “Opera” itself with the financial contribution that will come from each sold Limited Edition.

Omas Michelangelo Fountain Pen
It has been a difficult creative path, as rich in character until the last interpretation of the Limited Edition, that culminated with the choice to pay homage to Michelangelo as he liked to define himself: to be a sculptor, even before being a painter, an architect, a poet.

Omas Michelangelo Fountain Pen Omas Michelangelo Fountain Pen
His poetry on sculpture, enclosed in rhyme 151, where the role of the artist is recognized in the man who unveils the shape hidden inside the material, has conceptually led the development of our homage.
Therefore it is with the marble, from Carrara rigorously, which begins the story of our writing instrument and that contains, within it, the sculpture of Michelangelo inspiration.


Omas Michelangelo Fountain Pen Omas Michelangelo Fountain Pen



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