Summer is coming and of course we are planning our vacations. Some of you may think about going to the mountain,or visiting a big city, or maybe just resting… But what better than a little bit of the sea, the shore and sun bathing!

Well, here we have the Pelikan Maki-e Seaside Fountain Pen, which in my opinion, is a masterpiece of Pelikan. We can find engraved  the glittering water of the curling wave, inspired in the marvelous  painting of  Hokusai Katsushika, “The great wave off Kanagawa”.


Pelikan Maki-e Sea side Fountain Pen

Pelikan Maki-e Sea side Fountain Pen


It is made of tiny pieces of mother-of-pearl and egg shell, and to complete the seaside feeling, the cap is decorated with two Japanese traditional kites, also taken from the Edo Era, and plover birds that swoop over the waves.


Pelikan Maki-e Sea Side Fountain Pen



The Seaside is an incredible piece with beautiful details. Is is globally limited to only 88 pieces, each with a carefully created 18 carat bi-color gold nib.

Pelikan Maki-e Sea Side Fountain Pen


Pelikan Maki-e Sea Side Fountain Pen



The colours are wonderful and combine perfectly with its gold trims!

Hope you liked it and that you contact us soon.


Have a nice day!


Iguana Sell Team.


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