Happy Easter everyone!

It is through a collection of writing instruments that Omas celebrates William Shakespeare today, 450 years after his birth in Stratford-upon–Avon – an anniversary traditionally celebrated on 23 April.

OMAS is proud to offer a royalty of 5% of its income for every pen sold. This money will be used by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust to support and extend its activity in promoting and understanding Shakespeare’s work, life and times.

Lets honour this wonderful English writer and start writing like he did in his days, with a fountain pen as an extension of our hand and our minds flowing with imagination.

First we have this version which is made of .925 silver, oak wood and enamel, the nib of 18k gold rhodium plated and an ebonite feeder.


Omas Shakespeare Fountain Pen



Omas Shakespeare Fountain Pen


The other version also made with oak wood but this time its trims are made of 18k gold.


Omas Shakespeare Fountain Pen


Omas Shakespeare Fountain Pen



The fountain pen will be available 23rd April, the day William Shakespeare was born.

Omas Shakespeare Fountain Pen

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Omas Shakespeare Fountain Pen


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