I know it has been a long time since our last post, but we are very glad to present the Newest Collection of VISCONTI!

Although you have already heard about these collections, Visconti has launched new colours and materials of Van Gogh, Homo Sapiens and Rembrandt, amongst others.

This new Van Gogh is inspired in the painting of “Pollard Willows”, which has different colour tones such as green and brown. It is made of Resin and it has a Palladium trim.

See for yourself, it is a very nice piece!



Next we have the Homo Sapiens Crystal. This time this model has more vivid and lighter colours, blueish and transparent, which recalls a crystal. It has a silver trim that suits perfectly the crystal impression it wants to give.


Last but not least, we have the new model of Rembrandt, the collection “Merry Go Round”.

Visconti is trying to interpret childhood, with pastel and vivid colours, reflected in a variegated resin. It uses a platinum trim which combines perfectly with the pastel tones.

It is said that this model is a tribute to the children of the Meyer Hospital, most of the profit made by Visconti with this collection will be donated to them.

Take a look at it and see how nicely it reflects childhood!


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