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Now, back from Christmas, and preparing for New Year’s Eve…!! We wanted today to share with you some information on the Nakaya fountain pens!


As you know, Nakaya is a hand-made fountain pen Japanese company, whose lema is to make unique pens made specially for your-hand-only! Each of the Japanese craftsman working in Nakaya has been previously working for more than 4o years in Platinum, according to the information on Nakaya’s website.

There are several reasons that make Nakaya unique…..urushi – lacquer, maki-e, hand made production….but maybe the most relevant reason that makes it unique are the nibs they make, all of them in 14k. 

Why 14K and not 18K? 

According to Nakaya website, 14K gold nibs are the best for a fountain pen, since they are highly-corrosive resistant and can last for many years of usage.

But hey, shouldn’t nibs be even more corrosive resistant if they were 18K? the answer is yes, but they would lose softness, and hence flexibility.

The purer the gold is, the less ductile and malleable it becomes.

This is why all Nakaya pens have 14K gold nibs, instead of other materials. At Iguana Sell, we are official Nakaya dealers, and can offer our clients with all the Nakaya range! But right now we have in stock several unique models we would like to share with you!

Foto-Nakaya-expo fotos-Nakaya-expo-2

How to choose the right Nakaya nib?

Well, hard to tell…..Nakaya makes unique pens, for-you-hand-only. But in their website, you have a nice description available so you can choose yours:

Nakaya nibs guide Nakaya nibs example

Just from a pure personal point of view, I find the music nib as the most singular nib they make…..reminds of the Italic nib in some other brands, like Aurora, but it really is something special!

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