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We had the pleasure today to receive the visit of Mr. Luca Baglione, Sales & Brand Manager from…OMAS! We had the pleasure to discover more about OMAS pens in our new Iguana Sell storeshop in Madrid, at Núñez de Balboa 90, the heart of the financial district in Madrid.

We plan to make a post of our new storeshop so you can all see it, but meanwhile, just a couple of photos:


As you can see, it is a nice place in which, whenever you are in Madrid, we will be more than happy to receive you! :-)


With Mr. Baglione, we had the chance to talk about the philosophy behind a pen….and handwriting, as it is the trace and heritage that a man leaves behind.

Handwriting is not something you can erase, like in a computer. It is something that lets you leave the trace of your living, thoughts and passions, for future generations. Your way of thinking, your phrases, even the ones crossed out…all that still remains forever thanks to a pen.

And it is absolutely true…we love to speak about the material and finish of the body, the characteristics of the nib, the weight of a fountain pen, and a million other characteristics, but we should never forget that in the end, handwriting lets us express ourselves and leave our mark for the future.

Mr. Baglione also told us the story of some love letters he bought on a flea market…..

where you could read the life and passions of men already passed away….who were living again thanks to those letters….and thanks to the pen they used to write them down!

It was a very nice moment and conversation we wanted to share with you.

We spoke too about the history of OMAS (Officina Meccanica Armando Simoni), founded in 1925, in Bologna, where all OMAS pens are still handmade by italian artisans, using noble materials and always focused on innovation and italian design. We talked about some of the OMAS pens we have at Iguana Sell, like the Arte Italiana, the Art Déco, the Limited Editions, or the 360 and the Bologna series.

But all that should never make us forget that, in the end, a pen is the prolongation of your arm, is the tool on your hand to leave the trace of you thoughts, personality and passions…..it is what really makes you unique.

Mankind has been able to achieve some great goals and results, which we know about thanks to someone there who wrote it down…using a pen.

Thanks Mr. Baglione for letting us remember these great values!! We leave you with some photos of the day with Mr. Baglione and the Iguana Sell team! Hope you like them!!


Mr. Luca Baglione with Jose Gómez-Zorrilla and Jorge Marco, founders of Iguana Sell


Mr. Luca Baglione with all the team at Iguana Sell!

Greetings from all at Iguana Sell!!

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