Porsche Design Fountain Pen Solid P'3135 - Titanium - 924035

Once again Porsche Design delivers the goods with its most sober yet forward new model. The fountain pen P’3135 Solid was drafted from a single solid piece of titanium. The solemn design is layered out to please and impress pens lovers without concerning their age or preferences.

A prototype willing to delight as much as men as women because of titanium’s bright, shiny and sparkling colour. The delineation of this delicate fountain pen offers a well-balanced grip and a gracious touch set out for a feeling achieved by the use of top materials:

– Body: Titanium and a scratch resistant PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) coating finish.

– Nib: 18K solid gold with a rhodium treatment.

Porsche Design Fountain Pen Solid P'3135 - Titanium - 924035

The coating finish brings out the best hardened qualities out of metals. According to Porsche’s Design website, the P’3135 is ten times more resistant than a steel pen.

Porsche engineers have not sacrificed technique for good looking and the proof is the excellent mechanism hidden in the fountain pen’s shaft. In order to remove the mechanism and fill the converter, you just need press the top of the pen and unscrew the end piece. It also includes a case in case further protection is desired.

Porsche Design Fountain Pen Solid P'3135 - Titanium - 924035
As all Porsche Design products (watches, shoes, bags, jackets, blazers…), this exudes all the qualities and properties the German company is known for: Style, allure, high-class, luxury and magnetism.

Nib sizes available range from fine to medium and broad.

If you want to know more: http://www.iguanasell.com/collections/porsche-pens-solid-subcat/products/porsche-design-fountain-pen-solid-p3135-titanium-924035

Porsche Design Fountain Pen Solid P'3135 - Titanium - 924035

2 thoughts on “Porsche Design Fountain Pen in Solid Titanium – All in one piece!

  1. Montresdesign

    Hello, the link seems to be broken. What is the price of this new pen ?

    • Hello,

      sorry for the inconvenience, the link will be available in the next few hours. The price for the Porsche Design FP in Solid Titanium is $775. Thank you for your interest,

      Iguana Sell Team

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