Platinum Century Burgundy Fountain Pen PNB10000-71

A beautiful demonstrator fountain pen finished in a deep red colour reminiscent of the finest burgundy wine. This is a special fountain pen with a strong personality. The dark transparent red resin allows you to see the inside mechanism of the pen at the same time that it gives the writing instrument a noble look. The pen’s design is enhanced with gold plated trims.

 Platinum Century Burgundy Fountain Pen PNB10000-71

The Platinum Century Burgundy Fountain Pen fits ink cartridges or platinum converters. As all Platinum pens, the 18k gold nib has a design which features a heart shaped breather. Platinum pens are Japanese made pens, and pay special attention to quality and details. The central ring bears Platinum’s #3776 because the body is based on that model. The number 3776 was chosen because it’s the hight measured in feet of Mt. Fuji, one of Japan’s icons.

Platinum Century Burgundy Fountain Pen PNB10000-71

If you are interested in this pen or any other Platinum pen, please feel free to visit our website to see our complete collection.

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