The Porsche Design Mikado Ballpoint Pen presents a unique innovative design. This interesting writing instrument is yet another example of Porsche Design’s creative and unconstrained approach on the production of quality pens. The Mikado pen is made of stainless steel rods that are attached to both ends of the pen.

Porsche Design Mikado Ballpoint Pen 989301

Since the rods have a small space in between, this allows you to twist the pen both ways until the rods are locked. As a result the pen has a “twist” appearance, and the initial instability turns into a solid and resistant pen. The trims are platinum plated, offering a brighter and shinier surface!

Porsche Design Mikado Ballpoint Pen 989301

This is a special pen, fit for those who like to transcend physical and psychological frontiers. A pen for innovative and flexible people! This pen is available together with other Porsche Design Pens at our website. Please feel free to visit and contact us. We’d be glad to help!

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