The art of working with Damascus steel, a thousand-year-old tradition, is now reflected on the production of a unique piece, the Pelikan Toledo M900 Fountain Pen. Some of the most renowned steel smiths in the world were found in the Spanish city of Toledo, famous for its work on swords and armour. Toledan jewellers were also very famous when the city was the capital of one of largest empires in the world. This beautiful pen is an homage to these artisans and is decorated with an engraved pattern on the surface of the fountain pen that reflects this fine craftsmanship.

Pelikan Toledo M900 Limited Edition Fountain Pen - 921387

This Limited Edition Pelikan Fountain Pen M900 recalls the original Pelikan Toledo model from  1931. Each pen is individually designed by the German brand, hand signed and numbered. Another important point to add, is the heating technique that Pelikan uses for its most exclusive pieces like this one. Specifically, this fountain pen was heated to 800ºC, in order to fill the engravings with the different materials.

Pelikan Toledo M900 Limited Edition Fountain Pen - 921387

Only top quality materials are used for this limited edition pen. The barrel made of solid .925 sterling silver. The surface is brushed to offer a contrast with the 24K gold plated details. It comes with a classic plunger mechanism and a 18k gold nib with rhodium decoration.The trims and clip of the pen are also gold plated and the cap is screwed on for more safety.

Pelikan Toledo M900 Limited Edition Fountain Pen - 921387

This Pelikan masterpiece is an example of traditional craftsmanship in the time honoured Toledo Style. Finely crafted with loving attention to details, each individual fountain pen is a unique writing instrument of extraordinary design. It comes presented in a delicate box, so that the the piece is completely protected. If you are interested in other Pelikan Toledo fountain pens, or limited editions, please feel free to visit our website.

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