Platinum has been manufacturing exceptional writing instruments since 1919, bringing beautiful Japanese tradition and quality to the hands of pen lovers  since then. This Platinum Celluloid Fountain Pen #62 Tortoise  is the perfect example.

Platinum Fountain Pen Celluloid #62 Tortoise -Gold Plated- PTB30000S

This fountain pen comes with a 14K solid gold nib  and works with platinum cartridges and converters. It is part of Platinum’s popular 3776 mid-size model rendered in amazing colours of rich cured celluloid: Koi, Calico, Cherry Blossom, Tortoise and Jade.

Platinum Fountain Pen Celluloid #62 Tortoise -Gold Plated- PTB30000S

The Platinum Fountain Pen Celluloid #62 Tortoise  offers a classic look in deep burnished browns reminiscent of natural tortoise shell. Thus, this fountain pen resembles the famous hawksbill  sea turtle’s shell, a valued material for jewellery and decoration.  Ever since it’s use was forbidden designers use celluloid instead. Celluloid is a traditional material for pen making, one that offers unparalleled depth, feel and colour.

Platinum Fountain Pen Celluloid #62 Tortoise -Gold Plated- PTB30000S

The pen comes in a Platinum presentation box and includes international warranty. The perfect fountain pen to make you enjoy your writing! If you are interested in more Platinum fountain pens, please feel free to visit our website!


2 thoughts on “Platinum Fountain Pen – Celluloid Tortoise Finish

  1. Is the Platinum tortoise available, and what is the price?

  2. Hello Martin!

    We’ve just answered you to your personal e-mail address!

    Thank you very much,

    Bruno Salazar
    Iguana Sell

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