Montegrappa Emblema Pens are one of the great icons of the Italian brand and are a great idea for anyone looking for exclusive items that stand out for their quality, materials and great personality.

Montegrappa Emblema Rollerball Pen - Blue Celluloid - ISEBTRCD

The beautiful celluloid of these writing instruments is finished in the traditional Montegrappa octagonal shape, creating a stunning contrast with the silver trims. Montegrappa Emblema pens have delicate details , such as the 1912 logo engraved on the top of the cap. 1912 is the date when  Montegrappa started their production of pens that has led to the beauties they offer us nowadays. It thus reminds us of the great experience that this company has to create formidable and stylish writing pieces.

Montegrappa Emblema Fountain Pen - Red Celluloid - ISEBT-CR

Aside from the celluloid body and cap, and sterling silver trims, these pens come with Montegrappa’s characteristic clip with a rotating ball on the tip. The fountain pens carry a solid 18K gold nib treated with rhodium to offer a two-coloured appearance. This line offers fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens and a wide range of colours: grey, black, blue and red, to better adapt to your personal taste.. Finally we may add, that Montegrappa Emblema pens come presented in an elegant brown leather case that fits the  exclusivity of these products. If you are interested in these fine  Montegrappa Emblema Pens, or any other Montegrappa pen, please feel free to visit our webpage.

Montegrappa Emblema Fountain Pen - Black Celluloid - ISEBT-CC

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