Visconti Michelangelo Black Fountain Pens   -   29502

The Renaissance was the awakening of a new vision of mankind and the artistic expression that flourished in 16th Century revealed this idea. Among the many renown artists of this time, Michelangelo is one of the most influential and admired. His masterpeices in painting and sculpture, like the Sistine Chapel or the Moses amazed his contemporaries and still generate wonder on those who look at them. The impressive reality and size of his art creations transmit a kind of spiritual astonishment that overtakes the soul. Michelangelo, like other Renaissance artists, took inspiration in classical Greek and Roman art, harmonious proportions, colors and postures.

Visconti Michelangelo Black Fountain Pens   -   29502

To pay tribute to this great artist,  Visconti has launched the line of Michelangelo Pens , creating magnificent pens that capture the essence of the Renaissance. A combination of perfect forms and quality writing, gives shape to this set of writing instruments which include fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens. Visconti Michelangelo Black Pens have been finished in high quality black resin with a faceted shape composed by 36 sides. This is the only Visconti pen which has 36 faces, and it has been possible thanks to a new manufacturing technology.

Visconti Michelangelo Black Fountain Pens   -   29502

Trims and clip are finished are rose-gold plated, like the 23k Palladium nib, to offer a very beautiful combination of colour, which is on the top of pen fashion nowadays. The central ring has a decorative design of a double Greek key composed by Visconti’s emblematic V. The ring is one of the most interesting features of this pen. Visconti is very happy with its “Dreamtouch” 23K Palladium nib, and includes it in this series as well. The smooth writing and beautiful design on this nib makes it one of Visconti’s greatest successes, along with the magnetic closing system that comes with all their pens, and with this one too! If you are interested in more Visconti pens, please feel free to visit Iguana Sell and discover our great prices!!

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