Japan is famous for its precise and unique manufacturing, which can be found in in many different products, including fountain pens. Iguana Sell is proud to present a magnificent piece from the Japanese pen brand Platinum which exhibits this fine artisan work and shows how the Japanese culture can be perfectly reflected in a beautiful and elegant fountain pen.


This extraordinary Platinum fountain pen is made of solid 925 sterling silver. The body and cap are finished by using an amazing technique called Tankin. The sterling silver is hammered by hand with a stone hammer. Once the process is completed, a craftsman uses a special liquid to polish the surface. The artisan finish is combined with perfectly adapted high quality materials.


As a result we find a beautiful pen with two tone colour which creates  a very nice and elegant combination. In contrast with the hammered sterling silver, the clip and rings are smooth and gold plated. On the ring you can find The word “Japan” which reminds us the culture and people that have produced this masterpiece. This creation is the work of the famous silver craftsman Junichi Iwamura.


The pens design is based on Platinum’s well known #3776 line. This number was chosen because it is the height of Mt. Fuji, one of the icons of Japanese culture. The pen carries converters or cartridges for refill and the nib, which is made of Platinum, can be chosen in M or B. The full length of the pen is 137 mm and it weighs 42,7 g. The cap screws on to the body for a more secure closure.


This beautiful writing instrument comes in a wonderful wooden presentation box. The inside is covered in red velvet and has a plate with the name and foundation date of this excellent pen brand. The pen comes with an inkwell as a gift to make the whole pack complete. This fantastic item, and other Platinum fountain pens can be found at Iguana Sell for a great price!

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