The sea is one of nature’s most amazing phenomenons. Both mysterious and vital, most civilizations have depended on its resources and have been attracted by its immensity and depth. The sea, mostly inaccessible to our human abilities,  has inspired legends and fantasies concerning the wondrous creatures that dwell under the surface. Mankind has been brave enough to face the dangers the sea holds. We learned to swim, row, sail and dive, and along the way we discovered the true wonders the sea world really hid. Even today, the sea is a largely unknown portion of our planet, and it inspires both beauty and fear.


This is what Pelikan pens wish to reflect with this fantastic Maki- Sea World fountain pen. The design is finished in Maki-e lacquering, which comes from a culture which has been in very tight relation with the sea. Living on an island, the sea has been a natural habitat for the Japanese as can be seen in their cultural symbols and food. Not only is Maki-e a beautiful technique, but few cultures have such a bond with the sea. This pen is a masterpiece which captures Japanese lore in a beautiful artistic finish.


The pen is finished with small pieces of mother-of-pearl and beautiful Maki-e lacquering depicting a sea-turtle (symbol of longevity) and fish. The lacquer is applied in a series of finely polished layers. This technique is called Togidashi lacuering. The colored lacquer is enhanced with gold dust. Furthermore, the artists have used Taka-Maki-e which adds carbon dust to the lacquering to give it a stronger relief. The lacquering stands out of the barrel. The design on each pen is hand made and signed by the artist in gold Maki-e.


This is a limited edition pen of only 88 pieces and was released in 2009. It is one of the pieces in Pelikan’s Maki-e collection and is completed in the size of Souverän M1000. It is now available at Iguana Sell for a great price!


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