Continuing the collection of Van Gogh pens, Visconti proudly offers this beautiful model. Inspired in Van Gogh’s canvas “Room in Arlés” the pen is finished in a blend of red, blue and yellow resin. It gives you the feeling that the artist’s own pallet of colors has been used to make it! The pattern on each pen is unique since the mix of colors is not arranged in any particular way. This design is found on fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint pen.


The fountain pen carries a stainless steel nib and along with the rollerball pen, it has Visconti’s fomous magnetic-closing cap. All three items are finished in palladium plated trims and the central ring bears the impressionist artist’s name and the name of the canvas. Arlés was home to Van Gogh in his later years and saw him paint many of his best known artworks. Visconti is deeply devoted to art and culture, and this collection of writing instruments clearly shows not only their passion, but also their ability to produce beautiful pens. This pen and others are available at www.iguanasell.com


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