The beautiful Indian mausoleum attracts visitors from all over the world! Constructed in 23 years and finished in 1654, this fabulous architectural monument combines elements of Indian, Persian, Islamic and Turkish architecture. It’s currently held to be one of the seven New Wonders of the World.


Visconti Pens are created as a homage to art and culture, as can be seen in their numerous series and editions, and such a brand couldn’t go without a proper dedication to this Indian beauty. In 1997 the Visconti Taj Mahal Fountain Pen this impressive pen, finished in burgundy resin and rose gold trims, was produced as a limited edition of only 388 pieces.


The details on the cap and body have been hand-made and resemble the beautiful patterns on the inside of the Taj Mahal. The wooden presentation box is also designed with these motifs, and allows you to see the pen while it’s kept away. The pen includes a piston filler and an 18K solid gold nib and the production number is engraved on the end of the body.


The pen is available “new old stock” now at Iguana Sell. Visit our website, or contact us if you’re interested!

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