Probably due to their exotic nature, Japanese pens are very much admired throughout the world. To be fair, these pens are also delicately finished and have proven to be among the best in technical performance. The clear, straight lines they produce, as well as the comfortable writing they offer. Brands like Namiki, Sailor or Platinum offer the world a very wide selection of fine writing instruments, but for those who truly admire these pens, Nakaya is without a doubt the best option.


This brand makes personalized pens on demand, and offers a series of bodies, finishes, nibs and clips which can be put together in almost any combination imaginable! The pens can be further personalised by engraving initials. Nakaya pens have a wide selection of nibs as well. The unique Music nib is great for a kind of oblique writing (like that of musicians on a music stand), and the Nakaya elastic nib in either F or M is a great idea for special writing.


The different finishes cover a wide variety, going from the typical Japanese Maki-e to more subtle Japanese finishes, such as Aka-Tamenuri, Kuro-Tamenuri and Celluloid finishes. These pens are exclusive items to add a personal note to your collection of pens. Nakaya offers a great opportunity to enjoy Japanese pens in a way you never have!

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