In the age of scientific exploration, many journeys were undertaken to visit the North and South Pole, to reach places where no other man had ever been. Umberto Nobile was an Italian Aerodynamic engineer, and his advances in the field of semi-rigid aircraft led him to coordinate an expedition to the North Pole in 1928. The Airship Italia carried Nobile and his crew to the Siberian North Pole. Unfortunately, the ship crashed on May 25 leaving the survivors wounded and isolated on the polar ice. A tent was there only shelter, and they painted it red so as to be more visible on the white landscape.


It turns out that Nobile wrote his journal during this tragic episode with an Aurora pen. In honour of this expedition, Aurora has released this fantastic limited edition. The pen takes the form and design of early 2oth Century Aurora pens. Finished in wood-like ebonite and with a vermeil cap, the Aurora Nobile Fountain pen has a warm feeling. It comes in a nice cloth presentation case which represents the red tent the survivors lived in.


The most interesting feature of this pen is the filling system. The pen is called a “safety pen” because the 18k gold nib withdraws into the barrel. Safety fountain pens have been faithfully produced with the original mechanism adopted during the 20s: the eye dropper filling system. This is a special type of piston filler which requires patience and dedication. A true vintage style mechanism!


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