Once the spiral of luxury begins, there’s no stopping. For luxury lovers there’s always a new goal, a new step to take, a new frontier to cross. Luxury pens clearly embody this ambition. One after another, different pen brands have pushed the limits of luxury pens further and further. The culmination of this search for expensive, beautiful and exclusive pens is the Aurora Diamante, claimed to be to the date, the most expensive pen in the world!


The Aurora Diamante fountain pen is a sparkling beauty, made for the sole purpose of being the most luxurious pen of all. The body and cap are completely covered in 1919 “4 C” De Beers Diamonds. The quality of these diamonds is well known throughout the world, and Aurora has chosen them to conform this masterpiece. The top of the cap contains a ring of larger diamonds and a cabochon of any gem you like (diamond, ruby, emerald,…). Aside from the price of the pen, which retails at 1 million EUR, the exclusiveness of this pen lies in the fact that Aurora will only make one per year! The pen will be further personalised by including an engraved signature or icon chosen by the buyer.


For more technical specifications, the pen includes a piston filler with Aurora’s hidden reservoir, an 18K rhodium treated solid gold nib with a darker center, and a screw on cap. The pen weighs more than usual, but that’s to be expected of a pen that carries 30 carats of diamonds! If you find the white diamond version to shiny, there’s another available model with dark diamonds. As beautiful as the first!

If you’re wondering where to get one… well, that’s what we’re here for!
Contact us if you’re interested!

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