In order to celebrate Parker’s 125th anniversary, the English pen brand will launch a new limited edition based on the ever-classic Parker Duofold. Parker began making their high quality pens in 1888 and this limited edition will be available in December 2012, right before their 125th anniversary begins!


The pen is finished in Mandarin yellow resin and gold plated trims. This color, distinctive to the Orient, seems to have inspired George Safford Parker in the 1920’s. The pen is carefully designed to contain Parker’s most emblematic features. The Duofold Centenial pen embodies this limited edition of 1088 pieces and the classic Parker Ribbon is engraved on the barrel. Of course, the clip has the well known arrow form. The cap crown features a unique
die-struck solid 18k gold Limited Edition decal. The tribute is complete with a solid 18K gold medium nib engraved with the Parker logo used in the 1920’s.


The nib is made of 18k gold and is available only in medium size. A beautiful finish in 23k gold plating has been chosen for the clip and trims. This edition is limited to 1088 pieces and the numbering appears engraved on each pen. It’s equipped with a De Luxe GT piston fill converter. A last interesting detail is that the cap ring is marked with the word “France”. This limited edition comes in a nice black wooden presentation box.

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