An Italian pen brand such as Aurora needs to have a series of pens dedicated to the most outstanding features of the Mediterranean country. The Aurora Venezia Fountain Pen is a special edition in homage of the northern Italian wonder, the city of Canals.

Venice lies on the northern shore of the Adriatic Sea, and is a city formed by many tiny isles. The most amazing feature of Venice is the fact that all transportation must be done by boat through the many canals that separate the different isles. Venice has become one of Europe’s most visited cities, and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Another charming feature of the Italian city is the famous Renaissance Carnival with the typical multicolor masks.

The Aurora Venezia pen is finished in black resin and sterling sivler. Without a doubt, the most impressive part of this pen is the cap, which has a very nice design in sterling silver that represents the canals, gondolas and the posts they are tied to. The pen is a fantastic piece of work. The nib is made of 18K gold, and the piston filler includes Aurora’s own hidden reservoir, to give you some extra ink in case you don’t have any at hand!

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