Small pens have their charm. They’re easy to carry around, they come in hand y in unexpected situations and have a cute, kind of adorable look. One of Aurora’s line of small writing instruments are the Aurea Minima Limited Edition Pens. These are incredibly beautiful pens finished in high quality Auroloide and dedicated to some of Nature’s most important elements. The Aurea Minima pens are great pens, which can give your every day just that spark you’re looking for. The pens are limited and numbered, and come in three (now two) different models. They’re 11,5 cm (4.5″) long with cap and 10,5cm (4.1″) without cap.

The Aurea Minima Sole, which was finished in bright orange Auroloide was dedicated to the Sun, source of heat and life in our planet, and worshipped by many ancient cultures as a God. This edition is already sold out, but the two that are left are not in the least worse than the “Sole”. The Aurora Minima Fuoco pen is dedicated to fire, without a doubt, the most useful natural element! The conquest of fire has allowed Mankind to go beyond where any other living being had ever been. This pen in finished in precious red Auroloide. A truly spectacular sight!

The third and last is the Aurea Minima Luna pen, dedicated to that mysterious and almost magical natural wonder which is the Moon. The twin sister of the son, the Moon has been associated both to femininity and to magic. The waxing and waning of the Moon, along with the numerous eclipses it offers, has made it an element of admiration throughout the ages. This pen is finished in an amazing white Auroloide, which indeed appears to have its own glow!

You can find the Aurora Aurea Minima Fuoco and the Aurora Aurea Minima Luna at Iguana Sell. A great opportunity to acquire these limited edition pens!

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