Pen making has diversified a lot in the last few decades. Now you can find all sorts of pens in the market! Traditional pens, innovative materials, dazzling designs, new technological advances and completely new and never before seen characteristics. Porsche design pens stand among the innovative pens, both in design and mechanics. Just like Porsche cars, this is a line that respects elegance, style and technology.

Porsche Tech Flex pens are finished in a stainless steel weave which makes the pen highly resistant and at the same time flexible and comfortable for your hand. The pattern created by the woven metal gives the pen a very particular appearance, an unusual metallic look that takes back to race cars and mechanics.

The fountain pen comes with an 18K solid gold nib which is rhodium plated to keep the same color tone as the rest of the pen. The cap and grip section are finished in satin steel which makes the pen smooth both for touch and  sight. The ballpoint pen’s metallic weave is completed by a few gold threads, giving the pen a more luxurious look. Both pens are available at Iguana Sell for an excellent price. If you love cars and pens, these are an excellent choice to enhance your collection or just give yourself a treat!

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