The art of writing, in its finest expression, takes form in calligraphy writing. Before printing was possible hand writing was a skill few people knew, and their ability was not only being able to write things down, but to do so with beauty as well. The different civilizations and cultures where writing was used developed different types of writing to embellish the written word, and created the most beautiful works of art with just pen and ink!

The fountain pen is a writing instrument that comes directly from this tradition, and in its purest essence, keeps this spirit of writing proudly. The fountain pen is capable of producing beautiful writing with a very personal style: the signature of an artist. This is precisely what Visconti Pens wishes to enhance with this incredible Visconti Rembrandt Calligraphy Set.

This set includes a Visconti Rembrandt fountain pen and two other special nibs. The first one is an Extra Fine highly elastic nib, which is specially made for English Script and the second nib is a 1.5 Italic nib which is great for Gothic Script. The set also includes a Visconti inkwell and blotting paper for the long hours of delightful writing you’ll spend with these pens. Finally, it comes with two magnetic stands for the nibs to be placed when there not being used, and prevent you from losing them!

Visconti has chosen Rembrant Fountain Pens for this set because of their pretty yet simple design. The star of this set isn’t the fountain pen, but rather the writing it produces! The set is available in all four colours of Visconti Rembrandt pens, red, blue, white and black. Enjoy this beautiful Calligraphy set for a very reasonable price at Iguana Sell!!

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