If two words could describe this wonderful fountain pen, they would be comfortable and outstanding. The Pelikan M320 Orange Marbled Resin Pen is no longer produced by Pelikan and is one of those rare pieces that gain value and interest over time! This amazing pen is made in Souverän’s smallest size, which turns out to be very handy for everyday use, and is perfect to carry around and takes notes with.

The small size usually makes this pen very cute and adorable. A large pen has a kind of strong and noble character, but a small pen sparks curiosity and has a “natural” attraction. This pen however, does so even more, since it’s cute and adorable aspect is enhanced by the exotic nature of its orange marbled resin.

The resin is bright orange and is highlighted by the gold plated trims. The look of this semi-transparent resin is very much like that of high quality celluloid. The classic Pelikan nib comes in two-colored 18K gold, and as all Souverän pens, this tiny model recharges thanks to a piston filler.

One thought on “Pelikan Souverän M320 Orange Marbled Resin Fountain Pen

  1. ooh yes! I like fountain pens too. So does my Dad he’s a senoir academic I don’t collect them but I love to write with them. I only have 3 I think. When I was 12 my family went to Germany while Dad did a sabbatical at one of the Max Planck Institutes. All the kids in my class used fountain pens rather than ball points, and you could get some really funky ones.I even made some scented ink for mine once

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