A new ground-breaking association between Montegrappa Pens and Warner Bros. Consumer Products brings us this amazing new limited edition fountain pen! The Montegrappa Batman Fountain Pen is included in Montegrappa’s Cult collection (together with Montegrappa Chaos pen), and is supposed to be the  first edition in a series of pens inspired in DC Comics characters.

Montegrappa Batman Fountain Pen Limited Edition - ISBMN-IF

This edition is limited to 1939 fountain pens and rollerball pens, to honour the date of Batman’s first reception. Ever since, Gotham’s Masked Knight has become one of the most admired super hero around the world! The pens are completely made in black anodized aluminum which gives the pen the appearance of Batman’s armoured suit. The clip is made of brass and is ruthenium plated to complete this dark design.

Montegrappa Batman Fountain Pen Limited Edition - ISBMN-IF

The cap and the 18k gold nib presents the famous Bat-signal! Along the barrel there are many small flying bats, the mysterious creature Bruce Wayne took to represent his own mysterious way of fighting crime and corruption. The pen comes in a wonderful presentation box with an image of Gotham City in the inside. A special set which includes pen, cufflinks and wrist-watch has also been made for the most devoted “Bat-fans”.

Montegrappa Batman Fountain Pen Limited Edition - ISBMN-IF

These pens are available for pre-order at Iguana Sell!! Be the first to get this spectacular limited edition pen!

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