Ever since Pelikan’s M800 demonstrator pens back in 1992, this design of writing instruments has become very popular among pen-lovers. All great pen brands have their own models of demonstrator pens, each with their own particular styles and details. Namiki-Pilot Custom Pens are excellent demonstrator pens from the Japanese pen masters.

The Custom 74 series offers a wide range of colors, from the traditional transparent to bright blue. These pens are finished in high quality transparent colored resin. The interior details of the pens are carefully made, because any slight imperfection is visible. Accents are chromed for an extra shiny surface, and the 14K gold nib is rhodium treated. The converter is also a visual novelty, since it charges by pressing down and creating a vacuum rather than twisting like regular converters.

Another line of Namiki-Pilot demonstrator pens is the Custom 823, which is finished in high-quality resin with a precious amber color. This pen has gold plated trims and an 14K gold nib. It’s a superior line with a much more elegant and exclusive style.

These pens are now available at Iguana Sell!! Contact us for more information!

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