In the line of Pilot’s creativity and innovation, and combined with the high quality performance of Namiki Pens, these Namiki-Pilot Falcon Fountain Pens are an amazing thing to see. Of course, we’re all familiar with Japanese and Chinese calligraphy, but these pens develop a completely new concept of writing.

The essential piece in Pilot-Namiki Falcon pens is their innovative nib. Made of 14K gold, and some of them treated with rhodium to give that silvery appearance, these nibs are highly flexible and shaped like a falcon’s beak. This awkward form allows the nib to produce different sized strokes. According to eh pressure made while writing you can make thin lines, broad lines or even two separate ones. This versatile nib is great for experimenting with your writing, and trying out new things.

These pens come in different colors and with gold plated or rhodium plated accents. The design is simple, finished in resin, wiht traditional lines and a particular Namiki style. Nevertheless, the appearance is that of a regular fountain pen, which reminds that the central experience is not in the pen itself, but rather in what it produces.

Check out which models are available at Iguana Sell and get one soon! You won’t regret it!

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