An imaginary journey through the nine levels of Hell, such as Dante proposed, would work as a way to purify the soul and lead a more virtuous life, away from sins and excesses. In the late medieval years, approximately a century before the emergence of the Renaissance, the people’s of Europe and even the highest members of the Church and the Nobility lived all kinds of excesses and abuses due to their misery or their power. In this context, Dante’s Divine Comedy pretended to inspire a more ethical way of life through a better knowledge of the torments of Hell.

Dante’s description of Hell is probably the most influential of all times, and its fame has persisted for almost seven centuries. This masterpiece has often been combined with the mysteries and secrets of the middle ages and has been taken for a supernatural revelation.

Aurora Dante Inferno Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Resin 920PN

Aurora Pens has released a new Limited Edition Dante Inferno Pen, to honour Dante’s legendary contribution. The pen is finished in resin and gold plated trims. The nib is made of 18k gold. The pen’s design represents classical renaissance architecture, with sober lines and pure colours. A guide for the noble soul that steps away form the excesses of ordinary life to seek rest in the straight and constant truth.  Available for pre-order at Iguana Sell!!

Aurora Dante Inferno Limited Edition Fountain Pen - Resin 920PN

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