One of Aurora’s most successful lines are the Auroloide Optima pens. These fountain pens, rollerball pens and ballpoint pens belong to the Optima series but present the particularity of their beautiful finish in high quality Auroloide. This material is a special type of celluloid, with a characteristic mosaic-marbled look.

There are different Optima Auroloide models. The blue model has a more juvenile appearance, and is a strong and energetic pen. It comes with 14k gold nib. The two different versions (gold trims and chrome trims) provide even more variety, to cover all tastes and styles.

The dark green model is the more exotic version, with a wild and mysterious finish. The pen is also available in gold and chrome trims. As all Optima pens it’s filled by a piston filler with a hidden ink reservoir.

The burgundy Auroloide pen is a fiery pen, with a bold and noble character. Also available in gold and chrome trims. The Optima Auroloide pens in chrome trims come with a rhodium treated 14k gold nib. The series has just been enhanced by the new Black Pearl model, which is now available at Iguana Sell!

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