Well you’re definitely in for a treat with this incredible fountain pen! If you’ve had a chance to see the Montegrappa Chaos Silver version, you probably know what we mean, but there’s still something catching about the gold version. This groundbreaking design is presented by Montegrappa Pens with the collaboration of Sylvester Stallone!!

The Montegrappa Chaos Limited Edition has been designed to awaken the wild inner nature which lies in every person. Chaos, together with order, has been an inherent part of culture and civilization throughout the ages. This pen’s design is as chaotic and passionate as it intends to be! Irrational, excessive, wild and exuberant!! A truly unique fountain pen!

This pen is finished in solid 18k gold, black lacquer and enamel. The large sized nib is also made of 18k gold and has a skull engraved on it! This pen is available on demand at Iguana Sell!!

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