For those of you who are familiar with the 2005 Montegrappa Kazan Pen, this new model will definitely create an impression!! The Montegrappa Kazan Limited Edition pen is back with a new and more elaborate design! A beautiful pen indeed. The design keeps the basic elements of the previous one, such as the cap in the form of a dome, the arabesque engravings and the city’s crest, but has chosen a visibly different finish.

Instead of being completely coated in Sterling Silver, the barrel is made of green resin (the city’s official colour) and has trims in solid Sterling Silver which is engraved to provide a two-colour effect. The cap also presents this design, and the top (in form of a dome) is blue, just like Kazan’s Kul Sharif Mosque! On the pen, you can see different elements of the city which is held to be Russia’s third capital. The city’s crest with a rooster in it is visible, as well as a silhouette of the famous Soyembika Tower. The sterling silver is engraved in an arabesque style to resemble the Mosque’s interior design!

This pen is a beautiful piece from Montegrappa, and is dedicated to a city which has been home to many cultures and religions. Kazan is one of Russia’s most important cities thanks to its cultural heritage and historical relevance. It’s located to the east of Moscow, on the shores of the Volga river and is the capital of the Republic of Tartarstan. It first formed part of Russia when it was besieged and conquered by Ivan the Terrible.

This beautiful pen is a very Limited Edition, in homage to this great city and to the previous model released in 2005. It is available in both rollerball pen and fountain pen, and can be found at Iguana Sell for a great price!!

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