The ST Dupont Zodiac Fountain Pen is a new limited edition from the Parisian pen brand. This elite pen is hand-crafted and its design is the work of Philippe Tournaire. Everything in this pen relates to the stars! The barrel and cap are finished in black lacquer resembling the night sky, and the top of the pen presents an astronomical map in the form of a globe. Another particular characteristic of this pen is the gold-plated bronze stand, on which the pen is exhibited. It makes this pen perfect to display as decoration on a desk!

The Zodiac calendar has helped the Mediterranean people to understand the pass of time, Nature’s cycles and even the workings of the Universe. Besides superstitious matters, the astronomical observation that was carried on thanks to the Zodiac calendar helped science and civilization develop through the ages. This calendar is composed of twelve periods, each related to a constellation. Each pen is dedicated to a specific constellation and is made on demand, but only 31 pieces will be made for each one!

On a bronze plate on the pen’s body, the name of the constellation as well as the pen’s number is engraved. The constellation appears on the lacquer globe as well, and one of the stars is a shiny white diamond! The pen has delicate hand-crafted bronze decorations which are all gold plated. It puts together a sober design with strong and impressive features, and gives a very exclusive fountain pen!

Visit our website for more information on how to buy this incredible ST Dupont Zodiac Fountain Pen!


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