One of ST Dupont’s latest special edition fountain pens is the Paris 1872 (Opera Garnier). This beautiful work of craftsmanship is a solid bronze masterpiece, completely gold plated and engraved with delicate rococo designs.

The ST Dupont 1872 fountain pen is inspired in the Paris Opera, also known as Opera Garnier which has been one of the most important cultural centres in Paris, and a fascinating piece of architecture and interior design. This pen pretends to embody the elegance and magnificence of the Paris Opera and its visitors. The floral designs make it a simple yet marvelous writing instrument.

It has been made to celebrate ST Dupont 140th anniversary and is a tribute to French craftsmanship. Each pen takes 25 hours of hand engraving. The nib is made of 18K solid gold like the outer coating of the entire pen! This special edition pen will be released in September and will, of course, be available at Iguana Sell

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