Carbon Fiber designs have come into the pen world designs thanks to the automobile industry. This material gives a modern and young aspect to the writing instruments. ST Dupont, has always been keen on innovating and providing the latest advances in the luxury market.

The Défi line of pens was created with this modern and energetic aspect. The simple lines and pointed end resemble the aerodynamics of an airplane, and the carbon fiber finish complements this design perfectly! The pen is finished in shiny Palladium and the central band presents ST Dupont’s famous signature.

ST Dupont Défi Carbon Fiber fountain pen, rollerball pen and ballpoint pen of this beautiful model are all available at Iguana Sell, at an amazing price. For those of you looking for a new pen to add to your collection or to give you a modern style, come take a look!

2 thoughts on “ST Dupont Defi Carbon Fiber

  1. Lars

    How much do you sell this pen for?

    • Dear Lars,

      Thank you very much for your comment!

      The retail price of this Roller is 445€, and our price is 390€, and we have it in Stock now!

      Im sorry, the fountain pen is sold out, but if you are interested in get it, we can contact with ST Dupont and ask about the availability.

      For more information about this products, please contact us! We would be glad to help you!



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