Aurora Optima pens are one of the Italian firm’s mos t beautiful lines. Its elegant and sophisticated design makes this line of writing instruments stand out from the rest of the regular catalogue and offers a distinctive and select range of products. Crowning this collection is the Optima Riflessi Fountain Pen, a truly magnificent pen with a most noble appearance.

The sterling silver version comes in two possible designs: one with a black resin body and sterling silver cap, and another with both cap and body in sterling silver! The silver is finished with a precious diamond grid design. On the central ring you can find the Italian firm’s logo and a Greek pattern to decorate. The nib is made of 18K rhodiated gold so that the pen doesn’t lose its silvery image.

The pen is quite light for it’s size, as it measures 12.8 cm long (12.3 cm without cap), and weighs 20 gr (33 with cap). Being finished in solid sterling silver, you would expect it to be heavier! The grip section is made of black resin and there’s an ink window to see the reservoir.

This pen, together with the resin body version are available at Iguana Sell, for the usual great prices we offer. This beautiful pen is a great acquisition both for collectors and regular pen users. A fine display of quality, style and elegance!

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