We’ve all been amazed by a Porsche car passing by us. The car’s energy and aerodynamics make it one of the most admired vehicles on the highway, and if one quality stands out it’s their stylized design!
Well… Porsche designers haven’t stopped at making cars, they have extended their abilities and expertise into designing beautiful writing instruments. Although, obviously, not the traditional concept of a fountain pen! Porsche design pens include a completely new approach to writing. An innovative pen engineering combined with a design which resembles the force and beauty of Porsche cars.

This ballpoint pen is a great example of all of these features put together. Its lines are simple and its design is bold. The carbon fiber and the stainless steel give the impression of a truly mechanic item! But the most impressive feature of this pen is the closure system. By just giving the pen a slightly strong shake, the tip comes out! But it doesn’t go back in when you write! To close it just give it another shake and…. voila!

If you’re interested in buying this amazing pen or other Porsche Design Pens, check out our website (www.iguanasell.com), and enjoy our great prices!

“Well, shake it up, baby, now!”

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