Orders began to flourish and in 1923 they opened a second workshop in Faverges, France, the family’s home town, located in the picturesque Haute-Savoie Region, at the foot of the Mont Blanc Mountain in the French Alps, recruiting only the best and the brightest craftsmen from 17 different trades. S.T. Dupont products continue to be hand-crafted in this very same place today.



S.T. Dupont in New York with Louis Cartier

In 1929, the Dupont Brothers joined Louis Cartier in New York to introduce their specially designed trunks and luxury travel cases at the Cartier Boutique on Fifth Avenue (on the first floor). Their products were met with instant success. After the 1929 stock market crash, the brothers continued their rise to success by offering products that were so luxurious that only those who were spared by the crisis could afford to buy. Lucien Dupont’s motto was:

Make it more beautiful. Make it expensive. Make it innovative

And so he did!

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