In 280 B.C. the construction of one of the most important buildings in the Mediterranean Sea was completed. A building roughly 400-450 ft. tall was erected on the island of Pharos with a large fire on its top to guide the ships that reached the harbour during the night. This lighthouse would later be considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, along with the Great Pyramid of Cheops!
The island of Pharos was a small distance away from the harbour’s entrance and was a real danger for ships arriving during the night. Being Alexandria one of the most important harbours in the Mediterranean Sea, many shipsecided to build a lighthouse. The lighthouse was made of light coloured stone blocks with molten lead joints to resist the erosion of the waves. The bottom section of the lighthouse (largest of the three) was a square building and on each one of its top four corners stood a statue of Triton. The next section had an octagonal form and was placed upon this first one. Last came a smaller circular section where the large mirror was placed. This mirror would reflect sunlight during the day, and the light of a huge  fire during the night.

The lighthouse played a key role for trade and navigation in the Mediterranean Sea for more than a thousand years! Once the Muslims took over Alexandria, the beacon was disabled and the lighthouse became a mosque. The Lighthouse of Alexandria was finally destroyed by a series of earthquakes in the 14th Century and then a fort was built on the island, eliminating all remains of the glorious Wonder.

In 2007, Pelikan launched its fourth pen in the “Seven Wonders of the World” limited edition series. The beautiful Pelikan “Lighthouse of Alexandria” pen is finished in blue lacquer and gold plated trims. It is designed to resemble the ancient lighthouse, since the gold plated trims give the body a four sided bottom section and an eight sided upper section (cap). The top of the cap is completely gold-plated to represent the lighthouse beacon. The front section of the pen has a golden image of the lighthouse once the cap is removed.

To make this pen even more amazing, it comes in a glass presentation case with the form of the lighthouse. An amazing display for  this beautiful pen! Imagine what the original monument must have been!

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