Next comes the Colossus of Rhodes edition!

This “great” pen was released in 2005, after the great success of the Pyramids of Giza edition. Dedicated to one of the most admired wonders of the ancient world, this fountain pen captures the most remarkable features of the Colossus of Rhodes.

The city of Rhodes in ancient Greece had a large natural port, which harboured numerous merchants and travellers. In 305 B.C., the city was besieged by Demetrius, son of Antigonus I, but the defenders were able to repel the attack. To commemorate such a remarkable victory, a huge statue of god Helios was built: the Colossus.

According to ancient accounts, the Colossus was an enormous 30 meter statue, placed above the entrance to the harbor, with one foot on a 15 meter marble tower on each side. The structure was made of iron bars and then covered with bronze plates. However modern research suggest that this structure couldn’t have held its weight with ancient technology. It is most likely that the colossus was built as a large statue to god Helios, either on one side of the harbor entrance or on a break-water. The Colossus is still believed to have been made of bronze anyway. Its construction lasted twelve years and was completed on 280 B.C.

The Colossus protected the entrance to the harbor for 56 until an earthquake destroyed it in 226 B.C. Religious fear prevented it from being rebuilt, since the inhabitants of Rhodes believed they had offended Helios. The Colossus has ever since been present in legends and stories. Many engineers throughout the centuries have been amazed by its construction, and not in vain has it been considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. This enormous bronze statue inspired the design of the Statue of Liberty of New York!

To honour this incredible monument, Pelikan pens created a limited edition fountain pen in 2005. Like the statue, the pen is partially made of bronze and contains Greek patterns and designs. The filler knob is a six sided bronze plate and both the nib and cap are finished to have a matte surface. The clip has a rough, sandy texture and has Greek patterns along it. The body’s design is an image of the Colossus of Rhodes, similar to the one represented by 16th-century artist Martin Heemskerck. Only 408 pieces were made! (Rhodes was founded on 408 B.C.)

This is no doubt a wonderful pen, designed carefully to reflect the character of this wonderful statue and the charm of ancient times!

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