Today we begin our review of Pelikan’s Seven Wonders of the World Limited Editions!

The first pen we’ll be talking about, is also the first pen in this amazing series. It was released in 2004 and is dedicated to the  only Wonder  in the world which hasn’t been destroyed: The Pyramids of Giza! These three Pyramids are well known throughout the world and are one of the most ancient monuments on the face of the earth. They are found in Giza, Egypt, and are heritage of the Ancient and amazing Egyptian culture. Together with Karnak, Abu Simbel and the Sphinx, these Pyramids are a reminder of the vast and glorious empire the ancient Egyptians erected along the shores of the Nile. All three pyramids form part of the Giza necropolis, although only the Great Pyramid of Cheops (the largest one) is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


The Pyramid of Cheops is in fact the oldest of the three and was built around 2560 B.C. It was built as a tomb for Pharaoh Khufu (who was called Cheops in Greek). The Pyramid is made of large Limestone blocks and it’s dimensions are completed with great precision. It is calculated that, in order for this Pyramid to be built in 20 years, the workers must have placed 800 tonnes of stone each day!


The inside of the Pyramid consists of a series of tunnels and chambers. The Queen’s Chamber lies below the King’s and an upward passage leads to the latter. On the walls of these chambers are a series of shafts that connect with the exterior. It’s believed that these shafts were made to help the Pharoah’s spirit ascend to the heavens. The Pyramids have always been a source of admiration and superstition. A great amount of legends and mysteries surround these incredible monuments, and many times have they been plundered with fear to grasp the immense riches kept in their interior.

Similar to these riches is the Fountain Pen Pelikan has created to honour the monument. It is completely finished in gold as the most valuable possessions of the Egyptian Pharoahs. Along the barrel and cap you will find engraved hieroglyphs, and once the cap is removed a beautiful abstract image of the pyramids is revealed over a lacquer surface. The end of the pen presents the Great Pyramid of Cheops inside a clear dome. Finally, the nib has an image of the three pyramids of Giza engraved on its face. This is a truly wonderful pen, full of details and images as the Great Pyramid itself. A true homage to Egyptian culture and art. Indeed no pen could better honour the oldest and only Wonder to survive the inevitable pass of time!

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